Have Your Classic Puck Bowling / Shuffle Alley Game Serviced By Us!

Shuffle Alley Repair: Home Arcade Repair Services proudly offers repairs of classic Shuffle Alley/Puck Bowler games!this includes both  Electro-Mechanical & Electronic Models manufactured by either: Chicago Coin, United/Williams Electronics. Due to the size of these machines, we can repair most issues right on-site. If your machine has been sitting around un-used for extended periods of time, it is highly recommended that your machine be brought into a shop enviornment to be thoroughly gone thorough and is the best way to get your machine to run reliably for many more years to come!

Something to know: Never use your bowling game without any sand applied onto the lane surface! The surface is made of formica, and if you slide the puck on a dry lane, it will cause severe (and irreversible) wear to the painted areas of the lane..If you are looking to purchase a shuffle alley, and the lane looks very worn, chances are it was played without any sand applied to the lane surface..Lastly, try not to drop the puck onto the lane as it will also put dents in the surface!


Contact us for more information. We will need to know the make (manufacture) and actual games title/name.