Decades of amusement industry experience!

about-usAbout Home Arcade Repair Services: What started out as genuine interest in how these games worked as a kid back in 1975 when I was 10 years old (that’s me on the right at age 10). I recieved my first pinball machine as a requested gift giving me a starting opportunity to get familiarized with how these, and later other coin-op games worked. Later on, grew into a full-time job deciding that this was what I wanted to do when I became old enough to work …..Unlike some other “repair people” out there, my past experiences comes from working for 5 different amusement operators in Connecticut over the years (games place in/on locations for public use). Many different Large & Small venue arcades, The nations LARGEST & LONG ESTABLISHED Coin-Op Distributorship – Betson Enterprises: former Milford, Connecticut branch office (closed in 2000) & Philadelphia, Pennsylvania branch office in King Of Prussia, PA. Also, a classic coin-operated game refurbish/restoration company in PA for home market sales. In addition to what I learned on my own with what games I did have back in the 1970’s, I learned additional repair techniques from the various forementioned companies that I worked for in the past.

My first pinball machine back in 1975: 1968 Gottlieb “Fun Park” Add-A-Ball model.

Even before the internet, I would go out on my own to¬†perform home service repair calls in the area. Someone had to repair these machines when the situation arose from companies that I worked for that occasionally did sell their older games to local home market back in those days. Amusement companies did not want to be bothered with repairing games they sold to the “home market” back then (come to think of it, they still do not, though they might tell you they will).. The game route always comes first, and this is a way to unload old/worn & paid for equipment via game collections to make way for new equipment purchases… These calls were always offered to me to perform on my own time and, I would set-up appointment then, go out and complete them…..

Home Arcade Repair Services is a small home-based on-site or in-shop repair service. We are not a large impersonal company!!!